47 Degrees is a software development and creative agency focused on the development of native mobile apps and highly scalable back-ends and API’s. In order to meet the unpredictable scaling requirements of their diverse client base, the company decided to switch from Java back-ends based on Spring, to Scala and the Typesfe Platform. The initial choice to adopt Scala was simple for 47 Degrees- being a Java shop, the team knew Scala could allow them to leverage and reuse many of their existing Java libraries and make a gradual migration of their current code bases while boosting developer productivity.

47 Degrees had used Scala for smaller projects in the past, but the progress and evolution the company saw in the language, and the productivity increase using Play Framework and Akka were huge motivators for moving forward with the language now.  Once 47 Degrees selected Scala, Typesafe brought a complete Platform that the company could rely on both for web and HTTP needs, as well as painless integration with any Scala and Java libraries out there. The Typesafe Platform brings in concepts that make it easier to build scalable, resilient and reactive applications; all of which are important aspects for 47 Degrees’ customers. 

Read the full case study to learn more about how 47 Degrees utilizes the Typesafe Platform, the company's road to Scala adoption and its increased productivity!




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