Introducing Takipi - God Mode in Production Scala Code

At Typesafe we have seen a ton of new Scala developer tools lately. One of the most exciting is Takipi. The core Takipi tool allows you to play "god" in your production Scala code. Recently Takipi released a new tool named Stackifier that deciphers Scala stack traces into a human readable form. Here is a more indepth description of these tools from Takipi...


Partner VirtusLab helps drive Scala success

Our partner VirtusLab, is doing a great deal to spread Scala adoption in Poland and surrounding areas, from providing software solutions that help solve business needs with Typesafe technologies, to launching and supporting ScalaCamp, a cyclic meeting about Scala programming languages and Scala-based projects. Founder Rafa? Pokrywka puts the focus on the business benefits that arise from new technology, and differentiates ScalaCamp from other meetups by zeroing in on innovative and tactical ways companies can use Scala, Akka and Play Framework in the real world.



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