Software is going Reactive! Event-Driven, Scalable, Resilient, and Responsive are the new requirements weaving their way through HTML5, Mobile, NoSQL, and Big Data applications.  With so much changing in how developers build software, developers need to get up to speed quickly and easily.  This is why we created Typesafe Activator, and today we’re excited to release version 1.0!

Activator gets Java and Scala developers started with the Typesafe Reactive Platform, Play Framework, and Akka.  Watch a short demo of Activator:

Currently there are 29 templates in Activator!  Many of these were contributed by the community.  There is now a Reactive Mongo + Knockout template that does Reactive push of real-time updates in MongoDB.  Also a new Play Framework + HBase template shows how to build a web app on top of Hadoop.  The Reactive Stocks template is a good way to dive into Akka’s actors and how they can be used with WebSockets in Play. There are also numerous standalone Akka templates like Akka Clustered PubSub with Scala.

We are really excited to see the applications that developers will create on the Typesafe Reactive Platform, so download Activator and take it for a spin!  Check out the Activator docs to learn more.



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