Good news! Ryan Knight, consultant at Typesafe, created a new DZone Refcard, Reactive Programming with Akka, for your Akka learning pleasure. Refcardz serve as the ultimate cheat sheets for staying on top of the newest technologies, so this is a great tool if you're just getting started with Akka.

In the card, Ryan covers the basics of Reactive programming principles, discusses the Actor model and walks you through how to create an Akka application.

Here's a preview:

The Essential Reactive Programming with Akka Cheat Sheet
Akka is a framework for Java and Scala that implements the Actor model of computation. The Actor model is ideal for concurrency and fault-tolerance, especially on heterogeneous and flexibly governed systems. This Refcard briefly covers theoretical issues, then dives in to defining and creating actors and messages, actor hierarchies, fault-tolerance and self-healing, and more.


Head over to DZone to download today. Enjoy!




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