We all know the newspaper industry has been in a steady transition from print to digital since the web transformed the way readers consume and journalists share news. The Guardian is a UK-based newspaper that has been at the forefront of this transformation, changing from a print-based organization to one that is digital-first in philosophy and practice. Implementing this new strategy has involved a series of bold changes not only to the way they do things, but with the tools and software they used to accomplish these tasks.

In our newest case study, Graham Tackley, Head of Architecture for The Guardian, shares how his team uses Scala, Akka and Play Framework to provide a solid, scalable foundation on which to start building these new services. In this piece, Graham shares valuable strategies and lessons learned for moving from an off-the-shelf CMS tool, to a monolithic platform, to an agile and modern application architecture. 

Read the full case study for more detail, and thanks to Graham for sharing his story.



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