Today we are kicking off the fourth annual Scala Days conference in New York. The week will be jam packed with exciting presentations like Martin Odersky's keynote, Scala with Style and Jonas Boner's session on Going Reactive: Scalable, Highly Concurrent & Fault-Tolerant Systems.

In addition to some very cool Scala Days shwag, each conference attendee will receive a bottle opener USB drive containing the Typesafe Activator Developer Preview. (Those not at the conference can download it.) Typesafe Activator helps developers get started building applications with Play Framework, Akka, and Scala by including a number of template applications.

The latest release allows anyone to contribute their own templates! This provides projects, companies, authors, etc to create a new way for developers to get started with new technologies. We are looking forward to seeing some awesome templates from the community and our partners!

Give the latest Typesafe Activator a try and let us know how it goes.

By James Ward, Developer Advocate at Typesafe



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