After the very successful collaboration between the Spray and Akka teams: creating the new Akka IO module; we are thrilled to announce that this collaboration has been taken to the next level by merging the Akka and Spray projects—absorbing the awesome capabilities of Spray’s HTTP into Akka. With this, Spray will become a supported part of the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

The Akka/Spray integration—named Akka HTTP—will provide an ideal way of producing and consuming embeddable REST services. This module will also get a Java API to make it available for both our Java and Scala users.

The integration will be performed by the Spray team (consisting of Mathias Doenitz and Johannes Rudolph) and the Akka team. 

Akka HTTP will provide the foundation for the future of the Play Framework and become the new transport provider for HTTP and IO.

For more information read the FAQ and Press Release.



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