Members of the Typesafe team will be participating in a number of Scala and Java community events in the coming weeks.

  • Scalathon, The International Scala Hackathon will be held July 16-17 at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. Scalathon will feature a variety of short talks focused on helping Scala developers contribute to the language and its libraries, as well as two solid days of group hacking. Typesafe is a sponsor of the event, and Paul Phillips and Mark Harrah from Typesafe will be giving talks on scalac and sbt.
  • OSCON Java 2011, a new sub-conference devoted to the Java ecosystem co-located with the OSCON conference July 25-27 in Portland, OR. Typesafe founder and Scala creator Martin Odersky will deliver the a keynote on Scala, and there will be presentations on Akka and Scala throughout the day.  A 20% discount on your registration is available with code "os11fos".

We hope to see you in Philadelphia, Portland, or other Scala community events this summer!



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