Lagom is coming
for your monolith.

It’s open source. It’s highly opinionated.
Build greenfield microservices and decompose your Java EE monolith like a boss.

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Why Lagom?

  • Hit the greenfield running

    Create new microservices and
    then launch them all with a single command. Verify your changes quickly with instantly visible code updates.

  • Revitalize your monolith

    Follow a prescriptive path with
    event-sourcing and CQRS to guide your modernization into distributed, microservices-based systems.

  • Flow seamlessly into production

    Reduce risk with immutable configuration and consistency
    checks, without any extra tools
    or infrastructure.

Meet Lagom

Meet Lagom in this 3-minute overview or get started below.

Get Started

View getting started videos below or jump straight in with Lagom documentation.

Introduction To Lagom

With James Roper (14 Min)

Services are asynchronous. Intra-service communication is managed for you. Streaming is out of the box. Your microservices are resilient by nature.

Developer Setup

With Mirco Dotta (11 Min)

Development is familiar. Use your favorite IDE and favorite dependency injection tools. You leverage the old to build something new.

Managing Data Persistence

With Patrik Nordwall (16 Min)

Systems are distributed. Akka Cluster and Akka Persistence are under the hood. Cluster sharding is implicit. CQRS and event sourcing is made trivially easy. Your systems are cloud ready and elastic.

Lagom ConductR Deployment

With Christopher Hunt (13 Min)

Deployment is seamless. Your services are already set up for production. With one command, you safely scale out in production.