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Expert Support

We are on this Reactive journey together and your success is our top priority. Whether you have a new Web, mobile or IoT application in development or have Reactive systems already in production, we offer a wide range of support services to keep your project on track and your top talent engaged.

Expert Support Benefits

Full Lifecycle Support for Best Practices

You don’t need to wait for an issue to arise to ask our experts for advice. By exploring best practices, your developers can make smarter, faster development decisions upfront that can save a ton of time down the line.

Expert Answers

Because you are interacting with our experts, you have the peace of mind knowing you are getting the most accurate answers possible. Because our team has a vested interest in your success, their answers include a level of context and thoroughness that provides unsurpassed knowledge transfer.

Full Lifecycle Support for Incidents

If a blocker does arise, don’t let it bring momentum to a screeching halt as your team scours public forums for insight and resolution. Keep Dev and Ops humming with guaranteed turnaround on an unlimited number of incidents.

Ask The Experts Webinars

Our public webinar program is a huge success with each event generating thousands of registrations and replays. For subscribers, our experts host private webinars that allow them to dive deeper into topics than the public events allow. It’s the ongoing knowledge transfer your team needs to learn how and when to leverage the latest innovations.

Service Level Agreements

When your project is under development, we have you covered during business hours with one-day response to developer questions. When you roll into production, you have options regarding SLAs for severity 1 issues: business hour coverage with 4 hour turnaround or 24/7 coverage with 1 hour turnaround, whichever works best for your business.

“Our Customers and Partners are Hiring”

In this market, attracting top talent is paramount for most businesses. To help you build your dream team, we post your job openings on our website and our experts regularly share the job board in tweets to amplify the reach of your openings.

Our Customers and Partners are Hiring!

Check out Scala, Akka and Play dev positions from select Lightbend customers!

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