Reactive Immersion: Learner Akka

Reactive Immersion is a program designed to rapidly get new developers productive. Progressive organizations are adopting Scala, Akka and Play into their architectures and even the best developers need to keep their skills up to date. This intensive one week, hands-on and mentor focused program will quickly give developers the practice, knowledge and habits to ensure success.


  • Saves months of ramp-up time and minimize the effort required to rewrite and refactor code written by new developers
  • Gives your developers the tools to focus on advancing the core code base and solve business challenges
  • Provides a fully customizable program to suit your needs

The Format

  • Kick-off with a Lightbend 2 day course
  • Additional content curated by Lightbend on particularly relevant topics
  • Three days of immersive small group, hands-on development on a defined sample project with one or more experienced mentors
    • Pair programming to reinforce concepts and share common mistakes - mentors will join each team to work through the sample project
    • Daily, in-depth code reviews as a group
    • Kick start on each participant’s future learning plan
  • All participants gain access to a Lightbend Senior Developer for questions after the program

Next Sessions:

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Or if you’re a Lightbend subscriber please contact Lightbend to request a private class.