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Lightbend technology powers the world's most innovative companies

Our Vision

To make it simple to build distributed applications that span from the cloud to the edge and beyond.

Our Mission

To provide leading technology and support for building and optimizing applications that unleash the full power of the cloud and edge so organizations can implement any digital strategy, regardless of how ambitious, challenging or innovative.

Who We Are

  • Our people are smart, and customer and partner focused. We’re empowered to make decisions and quick to act.
  • Our customers are agile startups that are disrupting markets, and industry leaders that are leading the way.
  • Our technology solves deeply technical problems so that our customers can focus on their customers, and innovate faster.
  • Our partners are major cloud, system integrator and technology providers so our customers can buy how they want to buy.
  • Our investors are some of the biggest backers of groundbreaking companies and technologies.
  • Our board is engaged and includes the brightest minds from across the industry.
  • Our values are important to us. We care about each other.
  • Our product-led approach ensures the best experience for developers.

Our Leaders

Jonas Bonér

President & CEO

Jonas Bonér is CEO and co-founder of Lightbend, and the creator of the Akka event-driven middleware project. Previously he was a core technical contributor at Terracotta, working on core JVM-level clustering technology, and at BEA, as part of the JRockit JVM team. Jonas has also been an active contributor to open source projects including the AspectWerkz Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) framework and the Eclipse AspectJ project. He is an amateur Jazz musician, passionate skier and holds a Bachelors of Science from Mid Sweden University.


Brad Murdoch

Executive Vice President

Brad Murdoch is responsible for all revenue at Lightbend, overseeing corporate strategy, sales, marketing, business development, professional services and strategic alliances teams. Brad has more than 25 years experience at early and growth stage companies in the professional open source, cybersecurity and enterprise mobility markets including JBoss (acquired by Red Hat), Prevoty (acquired by Imperva), Framehawk (acquired by Citrix), and Nukona (acquired by Symantec). Brad holds an honors degree in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow.


Enno Runne

Vice President Engineering

Enno Runne leads our engineering teams that build and support Lightbend's technologies. Organising teams and communities is his passion since his university days when he cofounded a community radio station. Enno holds a M.Sc. in computer science from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Professionally, he has led teams to accomplish great success in several assignments and prefers informal leadership over hierarchies. At Lightbend Enno worked on Akka and specifically Akka Streams technologies (Alpakka) as team lead prior to taking on the responsibility as Vice President of Engineering. He loves to spend time in the Stockholm archipelago and uses many kinds of boats on a regular basis.


Mike Nash

Vice President Engineering Operations

Mike Nash is the VP of Engineering Operations at Lightbend, helping our world-class international engineering and support teams solve the hard problems for our customers, and build our amazing products. A distributed systems specialist with four decades in the software industry, Mike has taught, written about, promoted and developed with Lightbend technologies since their introduction. An avid technologist, author, sailor and licensed amateur radio operator since 1977, Mike lives and works in Cape Coral, Florida.


Kimberly Falk

Vice President Marketing

Kimberly Falk brings more than 25 years of experience leading Product Marketing & Marketing for high tech companies. She led product marketing at Lightbend prior to moving into her current role. Kimberly is focused on initiatives that extend Lightbend’s global presence and brand recognition in support of company growth. Kimberly holds a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Southern California. She is an avid traveler and reader.


Hywel Evans

Vice President Global Solution Architecture & Technology Alliances

Hywel Evans is responsible for Lightbend’s Technical Alliances and leads Solution Engineering. Hywel has extensive experience in the software industry, built up over his 30 year career. Before joining Lightbend he held various positions in software engineering, sales and business development. Hywel began his career at FormScan UK Limited as a software engineer and has since held several technical and business development positions at Sun Microsystems, BEA, Oracle, Lombardi Software and IBM. Hywel is based in Las Vegas.


John Mayerhofer

Vice President Strategic Accounts

As VP of Strategic Accounts, John partners with key Lightbend customers. Prior to Lightbend, John spent 20 years developing and bringing to market, software driven solutions at companies such as Oracle, Gain, BroadVision, Westbridge, and SAP. John enjoys spending his free time with his family mountain biking, hiking, or skiing.


Alec Cross

Vice President Business Development and Alliances

Alec is responsible for leading the Lightbend Partner Network and growing strategic relationships with the world’s leading System Integrators (SI) and Hyperscalers. Alec has over 25 years of experience helping customers solve their most challenging business problems with the practical implementation of software. Alec began his career working for SIs, Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini, before moving over to the world of enterprise software with Mercury Interactive and TIBCO Software. Alec has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and Operations Management from Indiana University. Alec now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he enjoys the outdoors with his family and friends, ideally on a golf course or a ski slope.


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