Training Courses in Cloud Native Applications

Free, self-paced courses in Akka, Data Engineering,
Scala, and Reactive Architecture.

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Lightbend Academy educates software professionals at:

Things move fast in this industry. Keep your skills sharp with courses used by some of the world’s most innovative companies to build and operate modern, cloud native applications and systems architectures.

Lightbend offers a range of free courses as well as premium courses that are included in a Lightbend subscription. We also offer Instructor-led courses for teams of 5-12 people through our training team and certified partners.

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Self-Paced Courses

Lightbend Academy includes both free and subscription-only courses that you can do at your own pace, with achievement badges awarded after completion for each course.

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Reactive Architecture Training Courses

Reactive Architecture 1: Introduction to Reactive Systems
Learn the core principles behind the Reactive Manifesto, and how they can be applied to build responsive systems

Reactive Architecture 2: Domain Driven Design (DDD)
Using DDD to decompose a large business domain into smaller bounded contexts

Reactive Architecture 3: Reactive Microservices
Understanding monoliths and microservices, and the importance of service isolation

Reactive Architecture 4: Building Scalable Systems
Managing the balance between availability and consistency in distributed systems

Reactive Architecture 5: Distributed Messaging Patterns
Patterns for building Reactive Systems based on asynchronous, non-blocking messages

Reactive Architecture 6: CQRS & Event Sourcing
Understanding how CQRS and Event Sourcing are applied when building Reactive Systems

Akka Training Courses

Monitoring Akka with Lightbend Telemetry
How to integrate Lightbend Telemetry (part of a subscription) with Akka applications
1 Min Intro

Akka for Scala - Professional
Learn the basics of building building scalable, cloud native applications in Scala
1 Min Intro

Akka for Java - Professional
Learn the basics of building building scalable, cloud native applications in Java
1 Min Intro

Akka Cluster - Fundamentals
Go behind the curtain and learn the dynamics and scalability of Akka Cluster

Akka Cluster Sharding - Scala
Learn how to leverage Akka Cluster Sharding in Scala as part of a Reactive System
1 Min Intro

Akka Cluster Sharding - Java
Learn how to leverage Akka Cluster Sharding in Java as part of a Reactive System
1 Min Intro

Akka Streams - Scala
Learn how to use Akka Streams with Scala to build streaming applications

Akka Streams - Java
Learn how to use Akka Streams with Java to build streaming applications with tools like Spark and Flink

Data Engineering Training Courses

Data Engineering - Cloudflow Principles
The principles of distributed streaming applications with Cloudflow and Akka Streams, Flink, and Spark

Data Engineering - Data Principles
Techniques and principles for handling data and serialization for performance, security, and usability
1 Min Intro

Scala and Java Training Courses

Scala Language - Professional
Take your first steps in Scala—where object-oriented meets functional programming

Java Language - Futures
How to use CompletableFutures in Java to create async, non-blocking operations

Java Language - Lambdas
An introduction to Lambdas for writing Java in a functional style

Lagom for Java - Hello World
A gentle introduction to Lagom through the implementation of a simple Hello World application

Instructor Led Courses

Lightbend Academy provides Instructor-Led courses (currently Virtual Only) to connect teams of 5-12 developers from a single organization. Our experts from the Lightbend training team as well as certified training partners will provide you with a personalized workshop. Please navigate to the course page for booking information.

About our subscription and offerings

Whether teams have experience with Lightbend technology, are starting from scratch, focused on development or production we offer two types of packages, plus a few extras. Each designed to accelerate adoption of Lightbend technology and prepare teams to begin implementing transformative business!

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