Akka Workshop: Build Cloud Native Microservices on Kubernetes and AWS  Watch Now.

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See Our Industry Leading Technologies In Action

Schedule a demo with us to learn about the core capabilities of Akka Platform for designing, building, and running cloud native microservices and real-time streaming applications. Using Lightbend Console to provide a hands-on look at visualizing and managing your applications, we’ll reveal how Akka Platform provides the core capabilities for building cloud native applications:

  • Distributed Systems Architecture foundation for designing a scalable, resilient architecture for streaming workloads and microservices.
  • Event-Driven Reactive Microservices that offer an asynchronous, event-driven approach so you can simply “Let It Crash”.
  • Monitoring, Observability, & Insight dashboards so you can observe, verify, and operate distributed systems with confidence from Day 1.
  • Security Tools & Risk Mitigation Policies that protect your users, your systems, and your business from abuse.