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Application Modernization

Migrating monolithic, on-premises applications to cloud-based microservices is no simple task. Lightbend’s solutions take the pain out of complex modernization projects while offering increased independence between services, making development cycles more rapid and cost-effective.

Cost Optimization

Cloud applications require a different software architecture from what companies have been running on for the past couple decades. Lightbend’s solutions increase system performance and responsiveness while decreasing computing costs when moving workloads to the cloud.

Customer Experience

Organizations invest in big data to get more insight into their business. They further invest in data science teams to build and train machine learning models to make real-time, mission-critical decisions. Lightbend’s solutions operationalize data that support these decisions while delivering hyper-personalized experiences.

Real-Time Analytics

Batch-oriented, big data solutions are effective at processing a lot of data using popular machine learning algorithms. However, the results are usually stale by hours or even days. Lightbend’s solutions accelerate digital transformation by ensuring businesses extract value from data in a timely manner.

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