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Modernize applications that drive business-critical decisions

Financial Services

FinTech has forever changed financial services. Lightbend is a trusted partner to companies modernizing digital foundations for competitive advantage, speeding service delivery, optimizing payment processing models, and deepening customer engagement without compromising on system reliability. With Lightbend, institutions deliver the software that powers business innovation.


The pace of business is accelerating. Lightbend ensures manufacturers keep pace by extending lean process efficiency from the shop floor to IT. Modern software development increases flow and reduces take time. Manufacturing IT is leaner, safer, and more predictable with Lightbend.

Telco, Media, and Entertainment

Customer expectations of entertainment are changing. Lightbend accelerates telco, media, and entertainment companies’ transformation to modern software development—so that companies can deliver exceptional digital services that boost customer engagement. Media providers improve self-service capabilities and continuous connectivity while keeping applications and data always running with Lightbend.


Shoppers now have more choice than ever before, and retailers are being challenged to keep up. Lightbend ensures retailers create great products, services, and experiences for both their customers and employees. Building better software at a faster rate with Lightbend lets retailers put customers and employees first, driving loyalty, revenue, and productivity.

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