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Build the most demanding, globally-distributed application environments without all the challenges

Cloud Native Applications

Business success depends on your company’s ability to build digital services and software more quickly and with higher quality—and to deliver those applications and services reliably at scale. Cloud native applications are designed to take full advantage of cloud native infrastructure, providing a scalable and available application layer that delivers a holistic and consistent customer experience.

Reactive Microservices

Built on a few core principles, Reactive microservices enable teams to deliver scalable, self-healing systems with the right persistence strategies for handling unexpected issues gracefully in the cloud—all while delivering digital services and software to customers at reduced cost, risk, and complexity.

Streaming Data Pipelines

Streaming data pipelines enable businesses to operationalize real-time data with examples such as recommendation engines, real-time personalization, real-time risk analysis, real-time supply chain optimization, IoT operational controls, and financial services processes.

IoT Platforms

For developers, an IoT platform provides a set of ready-to-use features that greatly speeds up application development for connected devices while handling scalability and cross-device compatibility. Modern IoT platforms introduce a variety of valuable features into the hardware and application layers such as real-time analytics, on-device data processing, and cloud-based deployment.

Stateful Serverless Computing

Remove the limitations of Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) and build business-critical back-end services that take advantage of serverless infrastructure and deliver required data automatically as needed. Even better, development teams can use the programming languages they already know and love.

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