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Akka 2.2.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Akka 2.2.1. This is the first maintenance release of the 2.2 branch, containing documentation improvements and fixing several issues including:

  • Convenience method for looking up ActorRef via ActorSelection
  • Configurable dispatcher for internal remoting actors
  • Java support of ask pattern using ActorSelection as target
  • Less noisy and more configurable logging of remoting events

... and several smaller fixes.

This release is backwards binary compatible with version 2.2.0, which means that the new JARs are a drop-in replacement for the old one (but not the other way around). Always make sure to use at least the latest version required by any of your project’s dependencies. We recommend that all users upgrade at their earliest convenience. Please refer to the full announcement for more details.

Happy hAkking!


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