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Akka Days Webinar Recordings

Last week we hosted Akka Days, two days of webinars focused on bringing your Akka apps to production. The webinars focused on tips, tricks and advice for how make sure your transition from development to production is smooth and successful. 

Day One

We kicked off with a talk by Duncan DeVore, who presented how Akka is used at Viridity Energy. Viridity's energy optimization solutions are helping energy consumers take control of their energy spend. Viridity Energy provides energy consumers with predictive optimization software that optimizes energy consumption assets with both energy market products and existing supply-side commitments. The session focused on the tenets and tools for building a Reactive application with simple real-world examples of how Viridity tuned Akka Persistence to collect massive amounts of data.

View "Lessons Learned in Deploying Akka Persistence" Slides

After Duncan's presentation, Jan Machacek, CTO and Alex Lashford, Senior Developer/Team Leader, at Cake Solutions presented "Tuning and Monitoring Akka." Jan and Alex showed how they measured and tuned an actor system and a Play Framework application in a major financial services organization. The talk covered the challenges of monitoring mission-critical systems, especially under heavy load. 

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Watch both sessions:


Day Two:

Next Derek Wyatt, Auvik Networks, presented "Igloos and Mountains." Auvik provides a cloud-based network automation platform that simplifies the complexities of security, monitoring, and managing network infrastructure. Scala, Play and Akka form the foundational triad for their core technology. Derek shared how Akka enables the asynchronous design of the system and how it powers the production environment. In Derek's words,
"it’s not all cherries and moonbeams."  His team faced a number of challenges, including technological hurdles and more than a few spiky PEBKACs. You’ll hear how they overcame these issues, as insight into how they're growing their understanding and practices around the Typesafe platform.

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Lastly, Mike Nash, BoldRadius, presented "Do's and Don'ts When Deploying Akka in Production." BoldRadius provides expert Scala and Akka consulting, support and development. In the process of deploying dozens of Akka-based services and applications over the past few years, their team has learned where the potholes are and developed a checklist of things to consider when you’re asking yourself,  “Are we ready?” In this segment, Mike covers the things you must consider when getting ready to deploy your Akka application into production. 

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Watch both sessions:


Thanks for joining us for Akka Days! We hope to see you on future webinars.



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