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Announcing Typesafe's New Coursera Tutoring Program

We at Typesafe are excited to introduce a new offering accompanying the popular "Functional Programming Principles in Scala" Coursera class as well as the new "Principles of Reactive Programming" Coursera class: personalized, face-to-face tutoring by experts from Typesafe.

The new Coursera Tutoring program offers weekly one-hour tutoring sessions where participants have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the course material in-depth. What's more, Typesafe tutors present and dissect solutions to homework assignments past the deadline. In addition, participants have the opportunity to get expert advice about their own solution when desired (and brave enough ;-)). We decided to keep tutoring groups small (10 participants max), in order to meet individual mentoring needs as much as possible. By offering tutoring slots in both European and American time zones, we hope to be able to reach out to participants in many countries. Apologies if the time slots are not convenient in your part of the world! This program is still at its beginning- in the future we will hopefully be able to offer a greater choice of time slots.

I'm pleased to have the opportunity to direct this tutoring program. For several years, I had been teaching assistant for the predecessor of "Functional Programming Principles in Scala" at EPFL. In the process, I've designed, formulated, and graded many assignments, some of which are part of the Coursera class on functional programming. I've realized that students typically come up with many more possible solutions to an assignment than initially imagined. When grading an assignment I often wished the student would stand next to me and we could chat about his or her solution. With Typesafe's new tutoring program this is now possible even for remote participants. 

Let's try and make these "massive open online courses" less "massive" and more personal! I hope to see some of you in the tutoring sessions- the registration is open!

Dr. Philipp Haller


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