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Case Study: Reactive Drives Innovation In Streaming Music Industry

It’s always fun to see your technology adopted at companies fueling innovation in their field. Our customers at iHeartMedia are doing just that in the radio broadcasting space. In a recent interview with their engineering team, we learned just how critical Typesafe technologies are to helping build new features and tackle microservices.

For a little background, iHeartRadio acquired 70 million users in just four years through a super intense engineering pace path; consequently the team accumulated a huge code block with major dependencies. The resulting complexity started to affect new feature development with a set of new problems. iHeartRadio decided to break apart this single backend service into microservices (read the full blog post), implemented as Akka apps with Akka Cluster.

This case study discusses how iHeart is accelerating its new features with reactive technology, microservices and Typesafe’s Expert Support team. Read the full story to learn more.

We'd like to especially thank Adam Denenberg, Chief Technology Officer at iHeartRadio for sharing this case study with us.


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