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Case Study: Samsung Strategy And Innovation Center Executes IoT Vision At Startup-Speed With Reactive Architecture

Jerome Dubreuil and his colleagues on the SAMI (Samsung Architecture Multimedia Interactions) team at Samsung saw a number of technical obstacles holding IoT developers back. The SAMI group made some key architecture decisions in the earliest days of building out an innovative ioT data platform, and from day one they knew that they would be building their platform following Reactive principles. Central to their efforts were the Scala and Play Framework for rapid prototyping and developer productivity, and Akka for the data transformation and WebSocket layers. Our case study looks at some of those key decisions that allowed SAMI to ship such an ambitiously scoped platform in less than two years.

This success story explores how Samsung created an open ecosystem, named SAMI, for IoT developers, aimed at gathering and making data more accessible, and liberating IoT developers from building the underlying plumbing for the systems.

Learn how Typesafe’s Reactive technology enabled the live IoT data pipelining in SAMI.

A big thanks to Jerome Dubreuil, Senior Director of Engineering for the SAMI Platform at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, and Dan Serfaty, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, for sharing this case study with us. You can also read their recent interview about SAMI and IoT at Samsung in TechRepublic.

You can read more of our case studies here. And, as always, if you've got an interesting problem, we want to be part of the reactive solution.




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