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Designing Fast Data Applications - Resilient, Scalable Architectures And Deployment Strategies (23 Min Interview)

Without Resilience, Nothing Else Matters

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In this Fast Data Platform interview for software architects, I sit down with Duncan DeVore, Principal Enterprise Architect at Lightbend, to discuss why it’s important to design a Fast Data system architecture based around resilience and scalability, and how this affects future deployment strategies. This conversation focuses on:

  • Why does architecting for resilience–the ability to rapidly self-heal rather than trying to avoid failures–enable your systems to scale in a much safer way?
  • What architectural design considerations should be examined for production deployment of these systems?
  • How Lightbend Fast Data Platform ensures that enterprises can not only design resilient, self-healing, highly-scalable and resource efficient applications, but also be equipped for when it’s time to deploy to production.

Putting Names To Faces

If you'd prefer to put our names to some faces, you can also check out the video recording of the conversation!

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How To Get Started With Fast Data Platform

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