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Developer Contest Winners Pay it Forward

Given the wonderful spirit of the community, it's not surprising that our recent Developer Contest took on a charitable spin!

Martin Odersky started the trend by donating his JAX Ambassador Award prize money for the contest. Then, two of our winners were extremely generous in donating their prize money....

William Billingsley, who submitted a Backgammon application, donated his $200 winnings to World Vision, a humanitarian organization that works with children and families around the world to combat poverty and hunger. Vibul Imtarnasan, creator of the Event Based Task Runner, pledged his $200 to the Wikimedia Foundation, a global movement with the mission to bring free educational content to the world

It's always great to see good deeds continued in the name of charity and education. William and Vibul, on behalf of all of at Typesafe, thank you!


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