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Developing Secure Scala Applications With Fortify For Scala

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From banks to airlines to credit rating agencies, security continues to be a major focus for organizations across various industries. As the newspapers show, it’s heavily damaging to enterprises when security vulnerabilities in their code, infrastructure, or open source frameworks/libraries get exploited.

The good news is that your Scala development team now has a powerful ally for securing their applications. Co-developed by the Fortify team along with Lightbend, the upcoming Fortify for Scala Plugin is the only Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution to use the official Scala compiler. This plugin automatically identifies code-level security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, so you can confidently and reliably secure your mission-critical Scala-based applications.

In this webinar by Seth Tisue, Scala Committer and Senior Scala Engineer at Lightbend, and Poonam Yadav, Product Manager for Fortify at HPE (now Micro Focus), you will learn about:

  • Some of the more than 200 vulnerabilities that the Fortify plugin for Scala can catch and help you resolve,
  • How the plugin works to analyze, identify and provide actionable recommendations,
  • How to integrate it into your modern DevOps environment,
  • Why this plugin was co-developed by Lightbend and the Fortify team, and how it benefits your organization’s security professionals / CISO office.

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Where To Get Started

Learn more about access to the Fortify for Scala plugin, part of Lightbend Enterprise Suite and included as part of a Lightbend subscription, via this sign up form:



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