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Eh, What’s Up Scaladoc?

(with thanks to Bugs Bunny).

If you are new to Scala, Scaladoc is one of the most useful resources you can use to navigate the unfamiliar waters. Scaladoc has a lot of functionality. Some of the functionality continues to be surprising to newcomers though, hence this article (and screencast).

In Scala 2.11.5, Scaladoc will gain new links in the title bar to make it easier to navigate to companion objects and package objects (which are often overlooked as a source of documentation). In the meantime, the 10 minute video below covers the main “surprising” features of Scaladoc for newcomers to Scala, including:

  • Navigating between Class/Trait and Companion Object documentation.
  • Package object documentation.
  • The “all-tokens” view of a library.
  • Focusing on a package or package hierarchy.
  • Trait linearization.
  • Graphical inheritance visualization.
  • Viewing the source code.

I hope it’s useful to you. Here's the video:


On the subject of Scaladoc (and associated documentation) it’s worth checking out Zeal (for Linux/Windows), Dash (for the Mac and iOS) and Lovely Docs for Android (please note, this last one is not free for more than one docset). These are documentation aggregator applications that have download packs for off-line documentation usage. Both use the same docsets that include Scala, Akka, Play and Java (you can turn packs on/off individually). The apps also offer full text search for keywords and integration with many different editors & IDEs. In short, Zeal or Dash are one of the best additions you can make to your development machine for documentation access.

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