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Compete for fame and fortune by hacking on IBM Bluemix and Spark at Sparkathon

Flex your Big Data muscles with Sparkathon: It's Raining Data, a big data hackathon for IBM Bluemix with $30,000 in awards and sponsored by IBM, Typesafe and the NYC Data Science Academy.

This global online competition asks developers and data engineers to build weather apps using climatic data and IBM’s new Spark-as-a-Service offering, Analytics for Apache Spark. IBM's new Spark service on Blue allows you to analyze data using Jupyter notebooks written in Scala (or Python) and connect to common data sources like SWIFT and Cloudant. All participants receive extended Bluemix support for their apps for the duration of the hackathon, including 5GB of object storage.

Along with the $15,000 grand prize, there are special prizes for the best student and fan favorite apps. Submissions are due January 20, 2016. Get more info and register here: sparkathon.devpost.com. If you want to see what IBM's Bluemix offering is about, they tell you here in this 90-second video:


Learn about Spark support from Typesafe: the partner of Databricks, Mesosphere and IBM

Did you know that Typesafe is the official developer support partner of Databricks, the company founded by the creators of Spark, as well as the official Spark on Mesos support partner of Mesosphere? It's true. And IBM recently selected Typesafe as its Spark Technology Center partner, again emphasizing that industry leaders have rallied around Typesafe's call to "Go Reactive". So, if the time for Fast Data with Spark is now, let us help you ignite your project with full lifecycle support, 24/7 production SLA and training and consulting from experts. Read our Apache Spark page for more information, or contact us to get in touch!



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