Application Modernization Done Right

Have you migrated application workloads to the cloud only to see promised business outcomes fall short? According to a McKinsey study, around 80% of enterprises say their application modernization efforts have failed or haven’t lived up to the hype.

While people, processes, and policies all impact success, a major roadblock remains companies who invest solely in cloud infrastructure. What’s also required is a focus on building cloud native applications that optimize resource consumption, scale dynamically, and recover quickly if any portion of the system goes down.

In this 30-minute fireside chat, Tyler Jewell, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital, sits down with Mark Brewer, CEO at Lightbend. They provide practical insights based on their combined industry experience to help you and your company make sense of the cloud native application development landscape.

Here are some of the questions explored during this session:

  • Why is building a cloud native application hard?
  • What are some common approaches to designing and building cloud native applications?
  • How can companies be successful building cloud native applications with reactive architecture?
  • What does the rise of cloud native application development look like in 2021 and beyond?

Don't miss out on this discussion—and take back control of your cloud applications!



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