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Full Stack Reactive In Practice [Webinar]

From UI To CQRS And More

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For much of 2019, Kevin Webber has been building a learning resource and set of guides with IBM called Reactive in Practice. The idea is to bring a real-world approach to applying Reactive patterns to real world enterprise systems, including event sourcing and CQRS, as well streaming data in an enterprise context. 

Kevin has crunched the basics of this series into today’s presentation, where we see what a Full Stack Reactive project looks like--covering the entire architecture of a Reactive system using a hypothetical stock trading app as a reference architecture. This includes a responsive UI implemented with Vue.js and a fully event sourced collection of microservices implemented with Java, Lagom, Cassandra, and Kafka. To round things out, Kevin will also cover the basics of deploying your Reactive system to Kubernetes using some Lightbend tools, sbt and Lagom.

When you boil it down, the topics Kevin will cover today are the core ingredients for a number of new initiatives that are probably entering your radar these days, like how to usr real-time streams emitted from a Reactive system in machine learning applications. 

Watch The Full Presentation + Q/A (~60 Min)

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See Kevin's Series On IBM Developer

Learn more about full stack Reactive systems in this excellent IBM Developer educational experience. The outline of the series is as follows:

  • Unit 1: Event storming the stock trader domain
  • Unit 2: Prototype the UI and UI integration patterns 
  • Unit 3: Translate the domain model to service APIs
  • Unit 4: Concurrency, parallelism, and asynchrony 
  • Unit 5: Event sourcing with Lagom 
  • Unit 6: CQRS, Part 1 - Write side
  • Unit 7: CQRS, Part 2 - ReadSideProcessor for queries and views
  • Unit 8: CQRS, Part 3 - ReadSideProcessor for transactions 
  • Unit 9: Reactive integration patterns
  • Unit 10: Streaming data fundamentals 




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