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'Going Reactive 2016' survey data reveals Microservices and Fast Data drive adoption of Reactive Systems

Over 3000 respondents surveyed about Reactive

Catch a glimpse of some of the report findings in the slides below. For the complete, high-definition version with additional graphics and analysis, sign up to get the full version here:



By now, you have likely heard the famous quote from Mark Andreessen, “Software is eating the world.”

Well, if you believe that is true, then the next logical question becomes, “How will your business react?”

Nearly every business leader in every industry recognizes the need for their business to react with the speed and agility of a software startup in order to survive.

Blockbuster was bankrupted by Netflix. The entire hotel industry was disrupted by Airbnb. The phrase, “you’ve been Ubered,” will likely become part of our lexicon to describe industries that have been blindsided by the future.

To execute a competitive business strategy that keeps your business agile and adaptable to continuously evolving market conditions and competitors, developers and architects are helping their organizations by Going Reactive.

With this survey, in which over 3000 respondents participated, we we set out to understand the journey of Going Reactive and uncovered some interesting adoption trends around microservices and Fast Data along the way.

Big thanks to all of you who participated! We enjoyed pulling this report together and hope you enjoy seeing how your peers are viewing the Reactive landscape.




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