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hAkktivism: Akka Cluster Now Works On Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Akka and Cloud Foundry teams deepen cooperation

After working together over a span of some weeks, we are now happy to announce that Akka Cluster now works on Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

While Akka users that were not running Akka Remoting or Akka Cluster have been able to enjoy deployment on Cloud Foundry (CF) for some time, the two teams hit a roadblock with the current CF release.

The reason is that Akka Cluster is based on TCP communication, as well as UDP as an option in place of TCP in Akka v2.4.11 and later; however, the current CF release v245 doesn't support container-to-container TCP or UDP based communication.

The develop branch of Container Networking for Garden-RunC plugin contains support for this type of communication on CF with fixed port numbers (Pivotal plans to support port number ranges in the future).

In the guide How To Run Akka Cluster On Cloud Foundry, we show a prototype implementation in a successful proof-of-concept that demonstrates Akka Cluster working with the latest CF release and the new experimental network plugin.

Note: this prototype guide is meant for testing and development purposes only. If you are interested in running Akka Cluster on CF, you will have to install the network plugin–currently in incubation–or wait for its official release as part of Cloud Foundry.

Once again, congratulations to the Akka and Cloud Foundry teams for their hard work!



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