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How Akka Cluster Works: Demo Project with Split Brain Resolver

Hugh McKee Developer Advocate, Lightbend, Inc.

Automatically recover downed nodes and network partitions

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As we continue our How Akka Cluster Works series, it’s time to bring in some powerful features for handling the unavoidable challenges of distributed systems. From node failures to network partitions and split brain scenarios, clustered applications are under regular attack from a variety of mysterious sources. 

Project 2 in our series is based on this Akka Cluster sample project, we look at the dynamics behind failure and recovery with Akka Cluster, especially looking at the difference between DIY recovery and automated recovery with Split Brain Resolver. We demo how SBR handles node failures and network partitions to keep your application cluster as healthy as it can be so that services can restart safely when Kubernetes restarts pods.

What you’ll learn in this video:

  • Review of Akka Cluster dashboard and node lifecycles
  • What happens when nodes/clusters suffer network issues
  • Visualizing the automated resolution strategies of Split Brain Resolver

What you need to get started:

What's Next?

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