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How Akka helps Appgree Handle High Peak Usage

Today, we are excited to share a new case study with our friends at Appgree, a Spain-based startup that offers real-time surveying to large audiences about products, entertainment and more. This specific use case focuses on how Akka is used to handle peak usage on Appgree’s platform, due to its ability to manage complex, distributed systems. When thousands of users hop on Appgree to vote on any given topic, voters need access to the same result set, and the data object much be synchronized and able to handle all of the transactions on the back end.

Read the full case study to learn how Appgree uses Akka to handle this massive challenge and the benefits they’ve seen as a result of using the Typesafe Reactive Platform. Also, check out more about technology and innovation at Appgree by visiting their website:


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