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How Primetalk uses Typesafe to Power Speech Portal

Primetalk Speech Portal is a new platform for building spoken dialog systems that delivers flexible and interactive dialogs as a human-computer interface for diverse information systems. The Primetalk team has the ambitious mission to replace the awkward interactive voice response systems (IVR) that are commonplace today, with user-friendly spoken dialog systems (SDS) and they're doing so with Akka and Scala!

The first version of the Primetalk Speech Portal was developed with Java concurrency for parallelism and utilized the Guice dependency injection library for integration. However, due to drawbacks such as localizing memory leaks, communication errors between threads and limited scalability, the company turned to Typesafe’s Akka Concurrency Framework to build a highly concurrent, distributed and event-drivent solution. Primetalk also became intrigued by Scala during the Akka pilot, and subsequently made the switch to the langauge as well. 

Scala and Akka give Primetalk an indispensable opportunity to rapidly create robust and scalable applications, learn how by checking out the case study!


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