Go Beyond Reactive Programming Into Reactive System Design


With significant advances in distributed computing and the advent of cloud infrastructure, the way enterprises are designing new system architectures is rapidly departing from the legacy model of the past. If your applications are not designed (or re-architected) appropriately, then it is impossible to take advantage of these advances.

That’s where Lightbend comes in.

Lightbend provides the leading JVM application platform for building Reactive systems, microservices and fast data applications that can deliver on the dramatic benefits of a modern distributed application infrastructure.

Lightbend Reactive Platform includes the open source Akka, Play Framework, and Lagom technologies as well as the Scala programming language, Apache Spark support and a host of commercial features to enable large-scale production roll outs.

This high-level overview is designed to quickly provide Architects, Application Development Managers, Executives and other decision makers the essence and business value of Lightbend Reactive Platform:

  • Accelerating Development. Build and deploy faster in Java or Scala with Reactive Platform’s open source core, comprising of Akka, Lagom, Play Framework and Apache Spark
  • Continuous Delivery Into Production. Deploy safely and continuously with Reactive Platform’s Production Suite of commercial modules covering Service Orchestration, Application Monitoring, Application Resilience and Enhanced Availability
  • Mission-Critical Enterprise Features. Protect your team and investment with Lightbend Project Success Subscription features like Expert Developer Assist, Production SLA, Commercial and Legal Protection, plus Training and Consulting services.
  • How To Get Your Team Started. A guided tour through getting set up with Reactive Platform, accessing commercial features and discovering various technical resources.

Watch The Full Video (38 min)


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