Tech Lead James Roper introduces Lagom


In a recent article by Gartner, industry analyst Anne Thomas indicated in no uncertain terms that “traditional application architectures and platforms are obsolete."

So what can your organization do about it? Do you work towards decomposing your existing monolithic systems for a more resilient, decoupled microservices architecture, or do you start over from scratch with a new greenfield project?

James Roper, the tech lead for both Lagom and Play Framework, introduces the Lagom MVP and shows Java developers how to get started decomposing their monolithic systems in favor of a microservices-based approach. Lagom is an open source Microservices Framework designed to offer traditional Java enterprises a low-risk, opinionated approach to accelerate the transition to a Microservice architecture:

  • Start up simply and fast - Launch all microservices with a single command. Code fast with instantly visible code updates.
  • Revitalize your monolith - Ready-to-use connectors guide your modernization into distributed systems with event-sourcing and CQRS
  • Flow seamlessly into production - Reduce risk with immutable configuration and consistency checks, without any extra tools or infrastructure

Aimed at developers and architects, this first of two introductory webinars on Lagom displays how to make the transition to Monolith to Microservices painless, simple and even fun.

Watch the full video + Q/A


Learn more about Microservices with Lagom

Lagom is currently an MVP, and the team is working hard towards a Lagom 1.0.0 GA in the coming months. A great place to learn more about the implications of modernization on legacy architectures, we recommend checking out Kevin Webber's excellent, artistic approach to groking microservices from a beginner's perspective in his recent webinar The 6 Rules for Modernizing Your Legacy Java Monolith with Microservices

We'd love to hear your feedback on our contiuous efforts to improve our Lagom documentation, and here's how you can help:

Most importantly, have fun. And tell us about the non-fun parts.





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