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Learning Spark Streaming: Get Free Chapters From The O'Reilly Book

Get Two Free Chapters Of Learning Spark Streaming

By François Garillot and Gerard Maas

As our partnership with O'Reilly grows, Lightbend is happy to present you with an exclusive preview edition of "Learning Spark Streaming", Chapters 1 and 2.


About This Book

To build analytics tools that provide faster insights, knowing how to process data in real time is a must, and moving from batch processing to stream processing is absolutely required. Fortunately, the Spark in-memory framework/platform for processing data has added an extension devoted to fault-tolerant stream processing: Spark Streaming. If you're familiar with Apache Spark and want to learn how to implement it for streaming jobs, this practical book is a must.

  • Understand how Spark Streaming fits in the big picture
  • Learn core concepts such as Spark RDDs, Spark Streaming clusters, and the fundamentals of a DStream
  • Discover how to create a robust deployment
  • Dive into streaming algorithmics
  • Learn how to tune, measure, and monitor Spark Streaming

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