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Lessons Learned from Verizon: Implementing Microservices in go90 with Scala and Play Framework

What Verizon can tell us about building Microservices

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Just a couple short years ago, Chris Webster, Associate Fellow at Verizon Communications, was presented with a challenge: how to gain part of the fiercely competitive $40 billion US mobile content market. Working with a new team, a content platform was conceived to provide best-in-class streaming for primetime television, live music and sports. They called it go90, referencing the 90-degree pivot from portrait to landscape mode that many of us use to consume video content.

The challenge for Chris and his team was that go90 simply could not be built the “old way” using traditional monolithic architectures; yet dropping everything legacy wasn’t an option as the team still needed to leverage existing technology expertise on the JVM. On top of that, a tight, 18-month timeframe was required to make the impact desired by the business.

The solution, as you will see in this special guest presentation, was to leverage Lightbend Reactive Platform technologies Scala, Play Framework and a little bit of Akka, to create a new greenfield microservices architecture capable of supporting traffic spikes surrounding live sports and music events. Critically, these tools needed to meet demands for horizontal scalability, immutability, concurrency, and asynchronous, non-blocking messaging.

The resulting architecture of go90, as Chris will review, was able to support and launch a high performance production system from scratch in just 18 months, as well as boost performance by decoupling all client services from the back-end stack. Today the go90 team is able to deploy around 100 microservices over 10 times per week.

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