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Lightbend Charity Survey: How Is Streaming Impacting Cloud App Architecture Decisions

Convert 10 minutes into a charity donation!


It's not very often that you can make a big difference by doing very little.

Lightbend regularly conducts a survey on cutting-edge tech topics, in which each completed response grows the donation that we give to a charity.

In our last report, The Need for Speed, we captured real-world insights from more than 2,400 developers to understand real-time data adoption trends across three key areas — business value, use case, and technology. Lightbend was honored to donate proceeds to the Kogics Foundation, a public charitable trust in India run by Lalit Pant that provides free education to underprivileged children.

This year, we are honored to support Girls Who Code as we drill even deeper into the topic of streaming with an emphasis on cloud application architecture decisions. The survey takes between 8-10 minutes, works great on mobile devices, and is entirely anonymous.

The survey closes on April 8. Lightbend will publish the results in early May. Thank you for helping us collect the best data possible!



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