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Cinnamon 2.8 released, with Lagom Framework support

Lightbend Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Lightbend is excited to release the latest version of Enterprise Suite’s telemetry module, Cinnamon, which includes support for Lagom 1.4+ metrics and tracing, Akka Persistence metrics and events, support for OpenTracing 0.31.0, better support for structured data in SLF4J event logging, and new Grafana dashboards.

Official Lagom support

Cinnamon now has official support for Lagom versions equal to or greater than 1.4. Lagom 1.4 is based on Play 2.6, and since Cinnamon has support for Play 2.6 server and client metrics, it also creates similar metrics for Lagom, including per endpoint server metrics with the Lagom endpoint names.

It is worth highlighting that Cinnamon will not collect any Akka or Play metrics in Lagom development mode, e.g., when using runAll. The reason for this is that runAll does not fork the JVM when running and a forked JVM is something the Cinnamon agent needs to be able to instrument the Akka code.

Akka Persistence metrics and events

Cinnamon 2.8 introduces some metrics and events for Akka Persistence. In this version, Cinnamon creates metrics/events for:

  • Metrics for persistence recovery and failure time.
  • RecoveryPermitter metrics in the form of used permits and pending actors.
  • Events in case of recovery failure, persistence failure, and persistence rejection.

Please get back to us with what further metrics and events you would like to see in Cinnamon.

OpenTracing 0.31.0 in Cinnamon

Cinnamon 2.8 has been upgraded to use OpenTracing v0.31.0, and is now integrated with the GlobalTracer and active spans managed by the ThreadLocalScopeManager, provided by the opentracing-util module. The Cinnamon specific cinnamon.opentracing.TraceGlobal API has now been depracated in favor of the standard OpenTracing one. Read more in the Cinnamon migration guide.

SLF4J structured event logging

The SLF4J events module enables structured data in logging of events into various log backends, e.g., via Logstash into Elasticsearch. This approach is replacing the deprecated Contrail module.

New Grafana dashboards

We would like to remind you that although Cinnamon does not ship with any backend infrastructure, it does provide free-to-use Grafana dashboards for the Graphite, Elasticsearch, and Prometheus backends. The dashboards have been updated to be compatible with Cinnamon 2.8 and also includes a dashboard for Akka Persistence. The dashboards can be found in the Cinnamon UI Github repository.

Feedback wanted

We are interested in getting feedback on how we can improve making sure that Cinnamon provides the necessary insight into your applications. If you have any suggestions or comments, reach out to us at Lightbend support or ping us directly on Twitter.


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