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Cinnamon 2.9 adds New Relic support

Lightbend Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Lightbend is excited to release the latest version of the commercial Telemetry Module, Cinnamon, which adds support for direct reporting to New Relic, Akka Cluster Sharding metrics, updated Akka Cluster metrics and events, enhanced Play and Lagom configuration, Elasticsearch 6.x support, upgraded developer sandboxes and dashboards for Grafana 5.x, a developer API for custom events, and the ability to disable or rate limit events.

Official New Relic support

Cinnamon now has a New Relic plugin that supports direct reporting to New Relic Insights via the New Relic agent. This will give you rich metrics with tags for all Cinnamon metrics as well as the option to report events directly to New Relic Insights as well.

Here are two sample New Relic Insights graphs showing actor mailbox size, and actor processing time, grouped by actor class:

Akka Cluster Sharding metrics

New metrics and events for Akka Cluster Sharding that shows shard regions per node, shards per region, and entities per shard. Here are two sample Grafana graphs showing shards per region, and entities per shard for a four node cluster:

Other additions and updates

Akka Cluster metrics and events

New metrics for reachable and unreachable nodes, as well as events when a node is unable to join the cluster.

Enhanced Play and Lagom configuration

The documentation and configuration for Play and Lagom have been streamlined and is no longer mixed with configuration referencing akka-http, but only reference play or lagom settings.

Elasticsearch 6.x support

Cinnamon now supports both Elasticsearch 5.x and 6.x out of the box, with no configuration changes.

Grafana 5.x dashboards

The developer sandbox has been upgraded to use Grafana 5.x together with all the dashboards. The published sample dashboards are now also for Grafana 5.x.

Custom event developer API

A brand new developer API for custom events, that allows the the end user to send custom application level events with structured metadata to the same backend as Cinnamon.

Event rate limiting

The ability to configure rate limiting on both a per event type as well as a global level, in combination with the option to disable individual events.


Akka 2.3.x

Support for Akka 2.3.x has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.


Support for OverOps has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version.

Feedback wanted

We are interested in getting feedback on how we can improve making sure that Cinnamon provides the necessary insight into your applications. If you have any suggestions or comments, reach out to us at Lightbend support or ping us directly on Twitter.


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