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Lightbend Newsletter - August 2018

Everything You Need To Know In 60 Seconds

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Welcome to the Lightbend newsletter update for August 2018! Take a look at the video above to get the low-down in just 1 minute, and for those of you who don't receive our regular monthly newsletter, below you can find what we covered in our latest issue :)

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Learn Reactive Architecture For Free, At Your Own Pace

“I have enrolled. Thanks very much for giving such quality skills for free. Wooow.” - @ffumwa

Lightbend and IBM Cognitive Class have teamed up to introduce the parts 1 and 2 of six free, self-paced, online courses on Reactive Architecture. Based on our three-day, instructor-led training “Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional” (next sessions Sep 10 & 18), development managers, architects, and software developers can now freely learn all about Reactive Systems, from design through to production readiness in the cloud or on-prem. Plus, you can get a certificate proving your skills at the end!


New Chapter Released For “Serving Machine Learning Models”

If you haven’t downloaded “Serving Machine Learning Models”, the excellent O’Reilly eBook by Lightbend’s Principal Architect, Boris Lublinsky, then now is a good time. Boris recently published a new chapter on Speculative Model Serving on Lightbend Tech Hub, extending the expertise provided in the book—which you should probably read first ;-) You can also sign up early for Boris’s Nov-1 webinar on this very topic.


The Reactive Manifesto Turns 5!

Over 23000 signatories. 15 languages. 4 basic principles. For the last 5 years, The Reactive Manifesto has helped guide the industry towards more flexible, loosely-coupled, and scalable business systems. Show your support for message-driven, resilient, elastic, and responsive software architectures by signing below!


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