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Lightbend Podcast: Going Reactive - How To Design And Implement An Entire Distributed System (29 Min)

Jan Machacek Describes Upcoming "Reactive Cookbook" For Building Distributed Systems



In this Lightbend podcast, we sit down with special guest Jan Machacek, CTO of Cake Solutions, conference speaker, and author of the upcoming O’Reilly book, Reactive Systems Architecture: Designing And Implementing An Entire Distributed System.

Jan tells us a bit about his book, which focuses on technologies and initiatives like Akka, Scala, Reactive Streams (coming to JDK 9), as well as some of his opinions on why Reactive is the best way for enterprises to keep up with changing business demands.

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If you want to get a free sample chapter of Jan's upcoming book, you can download that free from this eBook page on our website:



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