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Lightbend Podcast: What Does Developer Productivity Mean in the Serverless Era?

Hugh McKee Developer Advocate, Lightbend, Inc.


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What more can developers do?

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Today we welcome back Kiki Carter, Lead Developer Experience Engineer, and Hugh McKee, Developer Advocate for Akka Platform. In our last podcast, we discussed whether it is worth it to manage Kubernetes–and other cloud native technologies and infrastructure–yourself, or use a managed solution.

This naturally led to the topic of what developers actually want out of the technologies they use, and what are the truly important parts of the user experience (namely in the era of serverless). We also describe a bit about why we think the newest offerings from Lightbend–like Akka Serverless–are focused on getting this right. Specifically, we get into topics like:

  • We live in an era of developer productivity tooling proliferation, from IDEs to CI/CD to automation to cloud marketplaces. Why are we still seeking developer productivity at this point? Is this a search for the holy grail? How much more productive do we need to be?
  • So when we say developer productivity, what do we really mean? What does it mean to developers, their managers, the organization as a whole?
  • What does Innovation Velocity mean for how we’ve been doing things, and how we want to do things?
  • How much time do devs spend on coding features vs dealing with distractions? i.e. how to flip the 80:20 ratio of distractions:building features around so that it's 20% distractions, and 80% focus on business logic?

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Akka Serverless is now Kalix. Learn more at


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