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Microservices and Fast Data: Industry and Architecture Trends

Examining The Convergence Of Fast Data And Microservices Architecture 

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As the end goal of streaming and Fast Data systems include a promise of accelerated access to information that can lead to new opportunities for innovation and competitive advantage, it’s easy to forget that they aren’t just “faster” versions of Big Data systems.

Under the hood, these Fast Data systems have forced system architecture changes to meet new demands for reliability and dynamic scalability, more like the sorts of microservices architectures and design patterns we see successfully utilized by many of our customers today. 

In this fireside chat style presentation, Dean Wampler of Lightbend and Matt Aslett of 451 Research will: 

  • Discuss the business justification for transitioning from batch-oriented big data to stream-oriented fast data.
  • Explain the changes that streaming architectures require to meet their higher demands for reliability, resiliency, dynamic scalability, etc.
  • Discuss how some of these requirements can be met by leveraging what organizations already know about microservice architectures.

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