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New Typesafe Training Course: Fast Track to Scala

by Heiko Seeberger

Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to teach quite a few Scala courses, most recently alongside Martin Odersky and Paul Phillips as part of the team at Typesafe. A consistent theme in the feedback from these courses has been the value of immediately applying Scala concepts in hands-on programming exercises. Soon after I finished writing my German Scala book "Durchstarten mit Scala,” Martin and I realized that the structure and depth of the topics in the book, and the consistent step-by-step case study used, would provide an excellent basis for a revised course.

And here we go: "Fast Track to Scala" is the all-new introductory course for Scala from Typesafe. It puts a strong focus on hands-on exercises – you will be writing code at least 50% of the time – and covers tooling like sbt and the Scala IDE for Eclipse, as well as test driven development with the specs2 framework. The core topics covered are:

  • Overview
  • First steps with Scala
  • Basic object-oriented features
  • Testing in Scala
  • Collections and functional programming
  • For expressions and for loops
  • Inheritance and traits
  • Pattern matching
  • XML support

For fast-paced audiences, there are also additional modules for advanced topics like implicit conversions and parameters, (tail) recursion, upper bounds and view bounds as well as real-world applications like writing to a relational database with ScalaQuery or using the Scala API for MongoDB.

I am very excited to give this new course for the first time on Tuesday May 31 and Wednesday June 1, the two days preceding the Scala Days 2011 conference at Stanford University. More information and registration for this course (as well as an advanced Scala course and a fast-track Akka course offered in the same venue) is available on the training section of the Typesafe web site.

I look forward to seeing many of you at Stanford.

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