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Production Monitoring for Play Framework with New Relic

Lightbend Team, Lightbend, Inc.

Knowing in real-time how your web applications are performing and what the bottlenecks are is crucial. New Relic is a cloud service that does just that by instrumenting applications and feeding analytics to its rich visualization dashboard. Typesafe is very excited that New Relic has added support for Play Framework 2.x for Java and Scala apps! In a blog about the JVM Ecosystem, New Relic says "We are very excited about Scala in general and are thrilled to be the first APM vendor to offer native Play 2 for Scala support."

We love how easy New Relic has made it to get started...

Step 1) Create a free New Relic account

Step 2) After signing up, select the instructions for Java and then download the Java agent

Step 3) Install the Java agent into your Play environment

Step 4) Start Play!

That's it! You now have production monitoring setup for your Play Framework application. Check out the New Relic blog about Play 2.x support for more details.

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