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Reactive Revealed 2015 Survey: How to Transform 5 minutes into a Donation to Devoxx4Kids

The what and why

Wouldn't it be great to support good ol' primary research and  Devoxx4Kids? You can do just that by completing Reactive Revealed 2015, a 5-minute (engineer verified) survey that asks about the relevance of the tools, architectures, practices and opinions related to Reactive application development to your project. By completing this anonymous, 20-question survey, you're not only sharing valuable experiences from which we can all learn from, but you're also supporting a strong cause for young geeks.

The "reality check"

We acknowledge that this is a survey. Yes, we'd like you to answer it. We will turn this data into a full report and publish it, ideally in early October.

And yes, we acknowledge that surveys can be a pain––therefore we tried to make this as pertinent, simple to complete, and easy to understand as possible. We built it using an intelligent, responsive survey platform, and capped it at 20 questions in order to keep the average completion time to 5 minutes or less. It's also key-stroke friendly and looks great on mobile phones and tablets. We've even embedded the survey below in order to save you the extra click.

The goal

In previous surveys, we've seen a great response rate with thousands of people sharing their experiences. Our goal is to reach 5000 responses, unlocking a $1500 donation to Devoxx4Kids, and with the support of the excellent communities around Java, Scala, Akka, Play, Spark and others I think we can make it!


Small print for attentive geeks: So, if you're down here at the end then you might as well take the survey already. Instead of wasting time on Twitter, 9gag or Buzzfeed, think of all those precious minutes you could be spending your experience for something truly useful and that we really care about! Think of the children, and their weeping faces. Ok, that's going a little too far. Anyway, please take the survey!



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  • 50% to 75% faster time-to-market
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