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Reactive Revealed: Part 1 - Async NIO, Back-pressure and the Message-driven vs Event-driven approach

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This first webinar in our recently-announced Reactive Revealed series was our most popular presentation of the last year (with nearly 1900 sign ups!) and featured a deep-dive into the lower level protocols, tools and methodolgies used for building Reactive systems.

In Part 1: Asynchronous, Non-blocking I/O, Back-pressure and the Message-driven vs Event-driven approach, Akka Team member and Reactive Streams contributor Konrad Malawski presents what you should know about:

  • The differences and trade-offs between synchronous blocking I/O and asynchronous non-blocking I/O, what these mean for execution efficiency as well as code maintainability.
  • The difference between event-driven and message-driven approaches in terms of design considerations in the small and the large as well as the costs and benefits of either way.
  • The role of flow control in Reactive systems, how it impacts service latency and throughput and which technologies are available to help with implementing it.

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Be sure to catch Reactive Revealed Parts 2 and 3

From the co-authors of the Reactive Manifesto and contributors to the Reactive Streams initiative, we have set out to produce a three-part “Reactive Revealed” series to give an interactive opportunity for developers, architects and executives alike to get started with understanding Reactive from the beginning, providing an overview of the technological foundation behind it all. 

In the next webinar with Viktor Klang (Part 2 | August 19), we review the role of elasticity, scalability and location transparency. In the third and final webinar in the series, with Jonas Bonér (Part 3 | September 3), we continue with learning about resiliency, errors vs failures, isolation (and containment), delegation, and replication in Reactive systems. Sign up here!


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