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Reactive Revealed: Part 2 - Elasticity, Scalability and Location Transparency in Reactive systems


In Part 2 of 3 in our Reactive Revealed series, Typesafe deputy-CTO Viktor Klang looks at how organizations with Reactive systems (like Netflix, Twitter, LinkedIn, Walmart, Gilt, Huffington Post and many more) are able to adaptively scale in an elastic, infrastructure-efficient way, and how location transparency plays a role in distributed Reactive systems. This webinar takes a step far back from the deep technology and low-level protocols reviewed in Reactive Revealed Part 1 with Konrad Malawski, looking more at math, conceptual ideas and theory rather than code. 

  • How Reactive systems enable near-linear scalability in order to increase performance proportionally to the allocation of resources, avoiding the constraints of bottlenecks or synchronization points within the system.
  • How elasticity builds upon scalability in Reactive systems to automatically adjust the throughput of varying demand when resources are added or removed proportionally and dynamically at runtime.
  • The role of location transparency in distributed computing (in systems running on a single node or on a cluster) and how decoupling runtime instances from their references can embrace network constraints like partial failure, network splits, dropped messages and more.

On September 3rd at 09:00 PST / 16:00 UTC, our CTO Jonas Bonér will present the third and final part of the series, reviewing the role of  resiliency, failures vs errors, isolation (and containment), delegation, and replication in Reactive systems. Sign up below!


Watch the full video here (1h, 08m)



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